The Sounds Of God

(concept and programming since 2012)

The Sounds of God is a format whereby various artists from all over the world, whose music is deeply rooted in a spiritual or religious context, perform throughout the whole night. It was first staged in 2012 and featured performances by the turkish master of the ney, Kudsi Erguner, qawwali singer Asif Ali Khan from Pakistan, the Armenian voices, avantgarde jazz pianist Matthew Shipp and Gnaoua master musician Adelkebir Merchane. Since 2013 this magical night is staged in a smaller variation annually during the "Friedensfest". A full length version took place in October 2017 featuring Faiz Ali Faiz, The Gurdjieff Ensemble, Wu Wei, Ulrich Moritz & Mariam Wallentin.

next date: October 2020