(curator since 2010)

Conception, organization and booking of popcultural formats and concerts of the Brechtfestival staged by the City of Augsburg. The Brechtfestival takes place annually in Augsburg, Bertolt Brecht's place of birth, encompassing concerts, performances and shows by artists from literature, drama and music, while drawing an audience of 12 - 14 000. Music programming focuses on contemporary artists in the spirit of Brecht: the combination of music and politically or socially relevant lyrics, while taking music and art forms to new boundaries.

Curated formats include: the "Brechtnacht" with the participation of artists like Nina Hagen, Sophie Hunger, Ghostpoet, Bonaparte, Käptn Peng, Algiers, Antilopen Gang, Gustav, Dakh Daughters, PeterLicht, Mats Gustaffson, Ja, Panik; Spoken Word and Slam formats; and special concerts which have included shows by Patti Smith, the Tiger Lillies and Element of Crime.

Next dates: February 2020